Machining of Worm Gear

In addition to production parts, at Industrial Sprockets & Gears, Inc., we are capable of producing single custom machined gears for specialty applications. The part shown here is a steering box cone cut worm that is used in a vintage Ferrari. The customer contacted us because a replacement part for the worn gear could not be located. The design of the gear required several calculations to determine the design of the tooling, making this a very challenging project. Before coming to us, the customer had called several other gear manufacturers and machine shops, but could not find anyone capable of manufacturing such a complex part. We have the engineering experience and manufacturing resources to accurately cut a wide range of gear sizes and shapes.

The worm gear was machined from a combination of 8620 and 9310 gear steel using a specialized type of CNC machining equipment. The cone cut worm measures 1.25" in outer diameter by 6" in length and was machined to AGMA Class 8 standards with dimensional tolerances held to as tight as ±0.001". After machining, the gear was carburized and hardened to increase its strength and ground down after the heat treating process to create a uniform surface finish. The lead time for this project was approximately 7 to 10 days. The customer was very satisfied with the quality and turnaround time of the gear and remarked that the new gear performed better than the OEM Ferrari part had. For additional information about this precision specialty gear machining project, contact us directly.

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Worm Gear Project Highlights

Product Description
Steering box cone cut worm for vintage Ferrari
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: high performance custom gear engineering
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Special CNC machine
Overall Part Dimensions
1.25" OD x 6"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
8620/9310 Carborized and hardened
Material Finish
Grind and polish
In process testing/inspection performed
RC test / measurement over wires
Estimated Part Weight
Industry for Use
Delivery Location
Newport beach
Standards Met
AGMA quality #8
Delivery/ turnaround Time
7-10 days