Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing for Machine Tools Industry

At Industrial Sprockets & Gears, Inc. we are one of the few gear manufacturers in the industry that is capable of producing spiral bevel gears. Used to transmit power at a 90° angle, spiral bevel gears represent one of the most challenging shapes to cut, as each tooth is curved and aligned at a spiraled angle on the bevel. We utilize a Gleason spiral cutting machine to create these complex gears to exact customer specifications.

The gears highlighted here were manufactured for a customer in the machine tool industry. To produce the gears, 8620 steel was cut to tolerances as tight as ±0.001" to meet AGMA Class 8 quality standards. The gears were then carburized and hardened to extend the life of the steel and inspected according to out internally-developed quality management program. The manufacturing of spiral bevel gears requires a high level of skill, even when the most advanced CNC cutting equipment is used. With a passion for custom gear manufacturing, our machinists enjoy this type of challenge and take pride at customers' response to the quality products we deliver. The customer remarked that these gears were very quiet in the gear box, which is indicative of a finely machined, precision gear.

We were able to produce five of these gears with a turnaround time of two weeks, easily meeting the customer's delivery deadline. In addition to spiral bevel gears, we produce a wide range of other gear types and sizes, including straight bevel gears. For additional details regarding this custom spiral bevel gear project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Bevel Gear Project Highlights

Product Description
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Gleason spiral cutting machine
Overall Part Dimensions
12" OD
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
8620 carborized and hardened
Material Finish
Machine cut
In process testing/inspection performed
ISG inspected
Estimated Part Weight
65 lbs
Industry for Use
Machine tool
Delivery Location
East coast USA
Standards Met
AGMA quality #8
Delivery/ turnaround Time
2 weeks