CNC Cut Gear for a Farm Equipment Application

At Industrial Sprockets & Gears, Inc. we are adept at manufacturing custom gears with unique features. For the project shown here, we manufactured the components for a cone drive gear box used in a piece of Heartland farm equipment. The project required a tangential cut, multi-start cone gear, which necessitated the design and fabrication of custom tooling.

While some shops may shy away from complex projects like this, our team genuinely enjoys gearing challenges, and excels in projects that other fabricators will not even consider. Our team consists of experienced designers, engineers, fabricators, and machinists who thrive in providing innovative gear manufacturing solutions.

The cone gear is made of 945 aluminum bronze and red bronze materials that are cut on a lathe machine to tolerances as tight as ±0.001". All dimensions of the gear were held to AGMA class 8 quality standards, which were verified using a measure over balls inspection method and chordal tooth thickness calculations. We have developed a rigorous internal quality management system that ensures all customer specifications are met on every order.

Even with the calculations and custom tooling required to produce these gears, manufacturing costs came in under the price of ordering parts from the OEM. The customer was happy with the price of the gears and the operation of the installed gear box. In total, we produced eight gears for this project, with a lead time of two weeks. For additional information about this custom tangential cut, multi-start gear cutting project, contact us directly.

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Farm Equipment Turned Gear project Highlights

Product Name
Heartland farm equipment- cone drive gear box
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: custom engineering and custom tooling
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Lathe machine
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
945 aluminum bronze / red bronze
Material Finish
machine cut & tangential fly cut
In process testing/inspection performed
Measure over balls or cordal to thickness/addendum
Estimated Part Weight
Industry for Use
Farming / specialty
Delivery Location
South Dakota
Standards Met
AGMA quality #8
Delivery/ turnaround Time
2 weeks