Custom Herringbone Gear Manufacturing

Our ability to cut true herringbone gears and double staggered cut helical gears sets us apart from the majority of custom gear manufacturers. The gear shown here was cut on a Sykes and Farrell gear cutting machine specifically designed to cut herringbone gears. These machines are no longer manufactured, and have become very rare, but Sykes and Farrell equipment is still the most accurate and efficient way to produce true herringbone gears. The specialized movement and cutting ability of this machine allows us to create a true herringbone shape with an apex that does not require a center channel.

This gear has an outer diameter of 63" with a 20" gear face, and weighs approximately 4,000 lbs. A gear this size required special set-up on long shafts. We are capable of accommodating a wide range of gear shapes and sizes, from small gears the size of a quarter to very large gears, such as this one. The gears are cut with a 30° helix angle and bored to produce a center groove on a CNC vertical lathe. Dimensional tolerances as tight as ±0.002" as well as AGMA Class 6 and 7 quality standards are held for custom herringbone gears.

The robust gear is cut from 4140 heat treated steel and is used in oil field applications as well as in rubber mill gear boxes. With routine maintenance these gears can be expected to last for decades, minimizing production downtime, and ensuring reliable operation in fields where operators are not always present in the immediate area. For this project, we produced two gears with a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. For additional information about this custom herringbone gear manufacturing project, contact us directly.

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Custom Herringbone Gear Project highlights

Product Description
Oil field and rubber mill gear boxes
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: continuous herringbone cut
Secondary: bore center groove
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
VTL lathe machining and Sykes/Farrell herringbone machine
Overall Part Dimensions
63" OD x 20" face
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
4140 heat treated
Material Finish
machine cut
In process testing/inspection performed
Sykes comparator single tooth check
Estimated Part Weight
4,000 lbs
Industry for Use
Oil field pumping units and rubber mill gear mixers
Delivery Location
Texas/ California - Bakersfield
Standards Met
AGMA quality #6-7
2 parts
Delivery/ turnaround Time
3-4 weeks