Below is a list of equipment and specifications that ISG uses in creating its custom selection of sprockets and gears.

Spur Gear
Hob to 360' O.D x 60" face, 1/2 D.P., Circular pitch 6" C.P.-3/16"C.P., Metric module 24mm-1mm, Pressure angles of 14 1/2 degrees, 20 degrees, 22 1/2 degrees, 25 degrees P.A., Stub, Nuttal stub, Full Depth.
Hob to 240" O.D., 3" pitch to 1/4" pitch, for all std & non std. chains. API 4 1/16, 3 1/8, 3" available. Also burned sprockets are available.
Helical Gears
Hob to 360"O.D.x60" face 1/2 D.P.-
120 D.P., also mm, C.P. available same as spur.
Silent Chain Sprockets
Made to order 3" pitch to 3/16" pitch all width
Herringbone Gears
Call for availability
up to 63" with 24" face
Involute Splines
Internal, external
Bevel Gears
40" coniflex 1 D.P. 6" face
SAE Splines
Internal, external
Miter Gears
48" straight 1 D.P. 6" face
24" face to 1 D.P. 120" no shift any length
Spiral Gears
40" spiral bevels
3/16" width to 6" width by 54" length,
Std. & metric KW
Gilmer Timing Gears
Made to order 1/5" pitch-1 1/4" pitch all width
Thread Mill
6" Thru Spindle 14" O.D. x any length
HTD Power Grip Gears
Stock Sprockets / Roller Chain
Call for Availability
Stock Gears
Call for Availability
Complete Machine Shop
Internal Gears
Call for Quote
Vertical Press
250 ton capacity